Bierstadt Lagerhaus

Case Study
Bierstadt Lagerhaus – Denver, CO


Bierstadt Lagerhaus is a brewpub and restaurant in Denver Colorado that was forced to close during the Covid pandemic shutdown. Bierstadt owner Chris Rippe, like many restaurant and store owners, was looking for a way to keep his customers and employees safe and work with his local government to keep his pub open and operating at the highest capacity allowed.

Chris turned to Airius fans and chose the PureAir series. The installation of PureAir fans allowed Bierstadt Lagerhaus customers peace of mind while they enjoyed a night out. 

PureAir fans use a proprietary ionization technology developed by Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) called Needle Point Bipolar Ionization which constantly cleans the air of organisms, including the Covid-19 virus. 

Ionization technology has been used for decades to render viruses, bacteria, molds, and other pathogens inactive, making the air we breathe safe. Chris chose Airius PureAir fans because they offer the best solution for his pub. PureAir fans are mounted in the ceiling, out of the way of guests and employees, unlike other air purification technologies. 

Bierstadt Lagerhaus has some unique challenges because it is not just a pub, they also have a mezzanine and stage area called the Bierhalle. In this area, they hold live events including bands several times a week. This gives the restaurant a unique layout, not a traditional box, and is more challenging to keep clean. 

“The fans are easy to install, lightweight and incredibly quiet. They do a great job balancing the air distribution throughout our brewery and the purification is a bonus”. 

– Chris Rippe, Owner, Bierstadt LagerHaus 

Because PureAir fans constantly circulate the air, all the people get a continuous flow of clean air. NPBI also neutralizes organisms on surfaces like furniture, walls, and equipment. So, it is actively working to clean the entire room of pathogens. Other technologies cannot simultaneously clean the air and surfaces.

Another benefit of clean circulating air is the restaurant is more comfortable for everyone. PureAir fans not only clean the air but help balance the temperature of the room making it more fun for all to enjoy their beer and time with friends. Additionally, using Airius fans can lower energy consumption and costs, which every business appreciates! 

The PureAir fan installation at Bierstadt Lagerhaus is an example of how PureAir fans help reduce respiratory pathogens and combat restrictions.

PureAir fans for restaurants and other establishments provide a safe, continuous flow of clean air that is effective at combating airborne pathogens and are available in many sizes to keep your customers and employees healthy, safe, and comfortable.