Cigars International

Case Study

Developed a solution which increased product life by balancing humidity and temperature.

Airius teamed up with HT LYONS to provide Cigars International’s Hamburg facility an evenly dispersed humidification answer. This retail behemoth features multiple levels and bars along with spaces for live music, pool tables, and many areas to enjoy stogies and a glass of scotch.

Because of its size, this beautiful location needed a system that provided an even disbursement of humidity thorough its enclosure to make sure its premium handmade cigars were always kept at the ideal humidity.

First, the heat was rising towards the ceiling, so HVAC efficiency needed to be optimized; the warm conditioned air needed to be flowing down and out around the product consistently. Second, the humidification system wasn’t providing consistent levels of moisture throughout the store. This space is essentially a large humidor: a wood-lined building trying to achieve a specific level of humidity to maintain product integrity. Our fans worked in concert with the humidification system to bring the warm, humid air from the ceiling and evenly distribute it throughout the space.

Thanks to their controlled airflow, a series of Q-50 fans were easy to mount where it would not disturb customers, so the only thing they noticed was the cigars.