Stauffers Fresh Foods

Case Study

Airius Fans and Stauffers of Kissel Hill Fresh Foods find a solution for year-round customer comfort.

Dell Boshnaugle of Stauffers of Kissel Hill Fresh Foods reached out to Airius to assist with temperature issues in their Lancaster location. This store is 52,000 square feet with 24-foot ceilings and was dealing with customer and staff complaints about temperature. Usually, coats are worn by employees for stocking frozen foods, but in this case, cashiers were also wearing them to remain comfortable during their shift .

Dell reported that, during the winter, the store was cold in every department. He also noticed that ceiling temperatures were significantly warmer than the temperatures at floor level. During the summer throughout the market there were hot and cold pockets. He stated that the grocery area tended to feel consistently hot because if the thermostat were turned down, other spaces would be too cold for comfort (produce and meat sections due to the coolers).

In order to provide a temperate balance to his facility, Airius designed a system using 42 Air Pear Model 25 fans with diff erent control zones so speed could be dialed in as needed for each department. Aft er installation and a meeting with the refrigeration company, Dell described a resounding success. The store was consistently warmer in winter without impacting open case temperatures or disturbing customers.

After the summer, Dell reported the store was better conditioned and more comfortable, and hot and cold spots had been eliminated.