Versaile Arts, Aerial Studio

Case Study
Versaile Arts, Aerial Studio – Seatle, WA

2x Air Pear Model 45-P4


Aerial artists at Versatile Arts in Seattle are perfecting their performances in a cooler, more comfortable seeing after installing Airius destratification fans.

With windows on just one wall, the 1,200 sq. t. studio with 30 t. ceilings suffered from poor ventilation and was “pretty stuffy in the summer, and in winter all the heat ends up at the ceiling,” according to Founder and Director Beverly Sobelman.

With a hot summer ahead, the aerial artists were looking for a low-cost way to improve the comfort of the room. Their research led them to Airius, which has been a popular choice for numerous types of gyms with high ceilings.

After reviewing the studio’s layout, Airius recommended 2 Model 45 fans, which were easily installed by professional riggers using a 30 t. ladder. The fans circulate the hotter air trapped high in the studio, balancing the overall temperature from ceiling to floor.

“The difference has been immediate and profound,” says Sobelman, who’s often working the rigging from the ceiling level. “You can really feel the air movement under the fans. My students are delighted.”