2″ Check Valve (Solvent)

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2″ Check Valve (Solvent)


  • Prevents backflow of waste water to vacuum piping
  • Provides clean vacuum source to Activator in “Gang Lift” configuration
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The Evac Check Valve prevents the backflow of wast water after a discharge cycle. The Check Valve is a 2″ diameter, full-port, vacuum rated, flapper-style valve.

The Check Valve is normally installed in the overhead piping of a two-stage lift to eliminate the possibility of waste water fallback. Also used to provide clean vacuum source (if/when necessary) to Activators in “Gang Lift” configurations.

The Flapper, inside the Check Valve, seals off the vacuum piping during normal or idle conditions. When vacuum is applied by the Activator, the waste water pooled in reform pocket(s) rushes through and momentarily opens the Flapper.

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