Discharge Valve

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Discharge Valve


  • Transports waste water from Buffer to vacuum collection tanks, through overhead piping network
  • Prevents backflow of waste water to Riser piping
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The Evac Discharge Valve applies vacuum to riser piping to remove wast water collected in a Buffer. The Discharge Valve is one of the key components that comprise and Evac Riser along with an Activator, Buffer, BVP Valve, Mini-Check Valve, and Vacuum Hose.

  • Discharge Valve is normally used with a Buffer, connected to a fixture drain
  • Discharge Valve outlet is connected to vacuumized piping network
  • Discharge Valve has an internal spring which closes the internal rubber tube (normal or idle condition)
  • Discharge Valve is opened when vacuum is applied to the “DISCHARGE” connection, from Activator, allowing waste water & airflow through the valve
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