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LP Activator


  • Used for LOW-PROFILE fixtures, with as little as 2″ of clearance – * MUST BE USED WITH LOW-PROFILE BUFFER *
  • Used to detect the change in head pressure from Buffer
  • When activated, vaccum is supplied to Discharge Valve for 2-3 seconds
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The Evac Low-Profile Activator controls the discharge cycle of collected waste water from LOW-PROFILE fixture drains (with as little as 2″ of clearance). The Activator is one of the key components that comprise an Evac Riser along with the Buffer, Discharge Valve, BVP Valve, and Vacuum Hose.

  • Senses air-to-water pressure differential (head pressure) in the Buffer
  • Controls timing of opening & closing of Discharge Valve (discharge cycle)
  • To aid in troubleshooting & maintenance, Activator has a manual activation button, which mimics head pressure required to activate (manually activates discharge cycle)
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